Phasing out Arch Linux

ref: Phasing out i686 support

Arch Linux is great at what it does.. i.e. only offering bleeding edge and providing no choices to it's users. I don't want either of that, and I am now phasing out arch from my stacks.

I liked arch for a while in the past, and seriously considered migrating over from debian. That spot has been taken over now by gentoo, which gives me endless choices without restriction -- Gentoo Foundation Principle #1.

I can not completely migrate away from i686. I am also not completely convinced that systemd is better, smaller, or even faster compared to others like runit, or openrc.

I still think arch has a great community, and the arch wiki is one of the best in appearance & contents, and I might continue to participate or lurk there. The gentoo community is very helpful too and growing on me, but the gentoo wiki is disappointing.

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