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Hi K! I have been your fan for a while now. Perhaps this might help you.

While I was in Germany over Christmas/NY spending time with family that I hadn't seen in a few years, I offered to help my cousins with their computer woes. My tactic was to wipe out windows and replace it with ubuntu netbook remix on his laptop. Though, my preferred flavour is debian, I opted for ubuntu as I was not conversant with that hardware. ubuntu detected everything cleanly.

I prefer debian as I am a minimalist, everything I require fits within ½G diskspace. I have an old 64M-ram laptop with X, firefox, etc. ubuntu needed a 3.5G partition just to complete its install.

I didn't have any writable CDs and all shops were closed for Christmas. My only option was to intall over the internet, which might be helpful to you too. I installed grub on his laptop, created a menu option for net-install, and dumped "linux" and "initrd.gz" into another (not root) partition from

You could instead install debian from

Replace the debian/ubuntu versions with your preferred ones.

Now, it is a simple case of restarting and selecting net-install from grub. Voila... :-)

SSH From Behind a Firewall via HTTP Proxy

Terminally Incoherent wrote a fantastic blog post, which I want to file away.

SSH From Behind a Firewall via HTTP Proxy

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