suckless st - simple terminal

continuing down the path of simplifying & downsizing.. i have migrated to st[1] and removed bloatware terminals. i had been using urxvt till now, wasting so much time to configure it. i have no further need for bloatware terminals, particularly when i almost never open up more than one terminal window. for such a small package, st[1] does everything i need out of the box and more.. suckless rocks!

tb termbin pastebin wgetpaste

just one to rule them all -- termbin!

i discovered this today on irc
kerframil my go-to 'vanilla' pastebin is, which can be used with nc (busybox has an nc implementation)

i am a huge busybox fan, and i'm always looking for ways to use it more. i replace whatever pkgs i can with busybox.

voidlinux remove old kernels & modules

I noticed while updating my void that kernels were being updated, but old ones weren't being removed. Removing orphan packages didn't remove those old files either. I looked for those packages, but they weren't even listed in either the local or the remote repository. It seems kernel packages seem to be a one-way install, and the old package disappears when a new update appears. No wonder I couldn't remove them.

git repos online

An not-so-recent discussion on various repositories, led me to the GNU Ethical Criteria.

This prompted me to re-evaluate what I use myself, and I have ended up reordering my preferences to

Cancer in our Communities

Communities can contain cancer cells too!

Just like the cancer cells in human bodies, there can be individuals/cabals cancerous to communities.. online and offline. Some say that cancerous cells are present in all bodies, but remain mutant and repressed in healthy bodies. When the body loses control over cancerous cells, they can take down the entire body, even to it's death. This similarity extends to communities too.

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